Our Story

Since 2001 Ad Maiora has consistently delivered unsurpassed quality to restaurants in Southern Florida. We take pride in delivering the best quality seafood available. Our team of devoted employees give their utmost attention to every details, from selecting the freshest fish to creating the perfect filet. Our commitment to service and great dining experiences is now coming to the comfort of your home.

Sustainability of our Oceans is a big part of Ad Maiora. Being sustainable for us means buying fish from sustainable vendors as well as have a zero waste policy. The vendors we purchase from either have sustainable fishing practices or operate sustainable and humane seafood farms.

Overfishing and unsustainable fishing practices are hurting our Oceans, join us in the fight against these pressing issues. Plastic in our Oceans kills numerous Ocean inhabitants and pollutes the Ocean, join our commitment in recycling and reducing plastic waste. 

Thank you,

Ad Maiora Team